Nordic launches tiny footprint nPM1100 power management IC

Nordic launches tiny footprint nPM1100 power management IC

It combines a USB compatible input regulator, 400mA battery charger and 150mA DC/DC buck voltage regulator in a 2.075 x 2.075mm WLCSP.

The company’s first power management product, it is described as a generic PMIC for any application using rechargeable Lithium Ion or Lithium Polymer batteries.

Target markets include advanced wearables, connected medical devices, and other space-constrained applications.

“The nPM1100 marks Nordic’s commitment to establishing a line of PMIC products. Over the past decade, we have made it easy for the world to connect things to the Internet and it makes a lot of sense that we also help the same customers charge the batteries in the same things and further extend battery life,” says Geir Kjosavik, Product Manager for Nordic’s PMIC range.

“The resulting platform leverages Nordic’s low power expertise by combining proven technology blocks to offer even more ways to conserve energy. We are kicking this off with a device that targets the smaller applications by enabling charging of small batteries while providing efficient power management where physical space is at a real premium.”

Nordic launches tiny footprint nPM1100 power management ICThe nPM1100 input regulator draws its power from either a 4.1 to 6.6V USB input or from a 2.3 to 4.35V connected battery input; it can supply a 3.0 to 5.5V unregulated voltage to the application at up to 500mA output current, says Nordic. It supports USB Standard Downstream Port (SDP), Charging Downstream Port (CDP) and Dedicated Charger Port (DCP) detection. The input regulator includes overvoltage protection for transient voltage spikes up to 20V.

The product’s operating temperature range is -40 to 85˚C.

Nordic says the nPM1100 is in volume production and samples are available now.

You can view the nPM1100 product page online, and also a related webinar.