Operators in some regions have removed 4G packages, the media: should come forward to stop this marketing behavior

Under the background of “tightening 4G and promoting 5G” by major operators, there have been media reports recently that major telecom operators in some regions have removed 4G packages.

The media quoted sources in the telecommunications industry as saying that in order to promote 5G packages, operators “quietly removed low-priced 4G packages” and “if users need to apply for 4G packages, they can only go through offline business halls and telephone customer service.”

Taking Sichuan Telecom as an example, old users can only choose the latest 5G plan when they change their plans or new users can access the network. And users may not be able to switch back to 4G after upgrading the 5G package.

In response to this phenomenon, People’s Daily Online commented: If there are neither smart appliances nor IoT products, but only watching dramas, playing games, and using apps, then the 4G network is enough. Forcing consumers to use 5G is like forcing a tie on someone who is wearing a vest and hasn’t bought the right suit.

The comments also emphasized that, from the perspective of technological development, as an infrastructure, the construction of 5G must of course take the first step. However, before this infrastructure is perfected, under the condition that old and new infrastructure, 4G, 5G and even 3G networks are mixed, and technical standards are different, it is against the wishes of consumers, and at least some of the products are out of stock in the mandatory promotion. For 5G services, relevant regulatory authorities and consumer organizations should come forward to stop this marketing behavior.

According to the operation data of the Academy of Information and Communications Technology in September, from January to September this year, the cumulative domestic shipments of 5G mobile phones were 108 million. Together with last year’s 13.769 million units, total shipments amounted to 122 million units.

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