Optimize the smart background music scene, Sonos shares new insights into smart home

The rapid development of smart technology has opened up the scene of smart homes and accelerated the consumption upgrade in the home furnishing sector. Consumers’ expectations for home furnishing products have shifted from having a sense of design and high quality to the pursuit of intelligence and convenience. Therefore, home furnishing intelligence has also become one of the directions that the home furnishing industry focuses on discussion and development. On November 8, 2019, the China Smart Home Integration Summit was held in Wuhan. As the leading brand of whole-house audio systems in the industry, Sonos was invited to participate in the summit.

Based on Sonos’ technology and product accumulation in the whole house smart audio system, Sonos gave a speech on “Scenario Optimization in the Field of Smart Background Music” at the conference. At the scene, Yang Huiyan, Operations Director of Sonos Greater China, introduced in detail Sonos’ brand accumulation, product scenario advantages, and in-depth support for partners.


Optimize the smart background music scene, Sonos shares new insights into smart home

Focusing on improving the listening experience, Sonos’ vision of a beautiful sound, the pioneer of “Music Digitalization”

Beginning with the vision of creating a beautiful listening experience and sound culture, Sonos was founded in 2002 in Santa Barbara, California. Since its establishment, Sonos has been committed to shifting music from traditional media to digital media, allowing more families to enjoy music freely. When it was listed on the Nasdaq, Sonos also showed off the “magic power of digital music.” Sonos global sound experience designer Giles Martin and Oscar-winning sound engineer Chris Jenkins redesigned the iconic Nasdaq bell.

Sonos’ emphasis on a good listening experience is also reflected in its easy-to-use products, smart multi-room system, and streaming services covering all platforms. This is why Sonos has always been loved by consumers around the world. According to the survey results, nearly tens of millions of families around the world are using Sonos, and Sonos’s intelligent multi-room system has also prompted many families to purchase multiple Sonos products.

In the field of audio professional technology, Sonos has become one of the companies with the most patents in the global consumer electronics industry by virtue of years of dedicated research and development on home audio experience. Especially the exclusive IP “wireless multi-room music system” is the industry’s leading and unique technology.

Five major product advantages, Sonos creates scene-based smart background music solutions

In the 17 years of brand accumulation, Sonos has provided consumers with a beautiful listening experience with excellent sound effects, high-end quality, and easy-to-use, free choice, and system collaboration experience.

As a brand founded by music lovers, Sonos has always put the pursuit of excellent sound effects in the first place. Driven by this ultimate pursuit, Sonos’ exclusive automatic tuning technology, Trueplay, came into being. Sonos Trueplay technology can tune the audio according to the room layout and intelligently adapt to the room layout. This makes Sonos sound extremely good and true at any volume, which can meet different application scenarios of smart background music.


Optimize the smart background music scene, Sonos shares new insights into smart home

The high-end quality of Sonos products is not only reflected in the simple, high-end industrial design that can be integrated into any environment, but also in the sustainable optimization system. This also allows Sonos’s intelligent background music system to truly have a “brain” and become an intelligent system that can be upgraded all the time, truly combining vision and experience.

In terms of product experience, Sonos has always insisted on giving consumers a “simple and easy-to-use” experience. Consumers can use the Sonos APP to play any song in any room, or play the same song in all rooms, and easily control everything. In addition, Sonos also provides content on more than 100 streaming media platforms around the world, allowing consumers to truly “freely choose”.

Serving different scenarios, Sonos products can also carry out various combinations and system collaborations. In the scenario of playing music/audio content, consumers can combine Sonos One/Play:1/Play:5, etc.; in scenarios where there is a demand for viewing movies, the vocal enhancement functions of the home theater series can be used. Bring immersive sound effects and comprehensively enhance the entertainment experience; and in tooling scenes such as shopping malls and hotels, Sonos can also help traditional audio and other audio sources to achieve “intelligence.” For example, the Sonos Amp smart power amplifier can drive most passive speakers on the market, while the Sonos Port multifunctional streaming component can also easily connect to traditional speakers, records, CDs, stored audio files, etc., to intelligently transform audio sources. Realize streaming playback.


Provide in-depth support, Sonos empowers partners in all aspects

As an important partner of Sonos in China, Sonos hopes to provide distributors and distributors with full process support covering design, materials, training and technology. Especially in terms of training, Sonos will provide a complete and systematic training guarantee. Continue to provide corresponding support before, during, after and after the business to enhance the knowledge reserve for relevant personnel. And use different forms of personnel training to continuously improve the quality of personnel and enhance the market competitiveness of distributors. In addition, Sonos also provides a full range of technical support to solve the problems of early-stage sales of products, on-site installation services, and provide post-maintenance service guarantees.

As an industry leader in smart home audio, Sonos has always adhered to the brand vision of “Let everyone have a better listening experience”. In the future, Sonos will continue to adhere to innovative scientific and technological concepts, deepen the smart music space, provide in-depth and professional services, and provide consumers with a better sound listening experience.

About Sonos

Sonos (Nasdaq: SONO) is one of the world’s leading sound experience brands. As the pioneer of multi-room wireless home smart audio, Sonos allows people to freely choose their favorite sound content through highly innovative product experience, and enjoy the beauty of music through easy and convenient control and interaction methods. Sonos is known for providing unparalleled sound experience, thoughtful home design aesthetics, convenient operating experience and open platform, providing music lovers with a rich and diverse music content experience. Sonos is headquartered in Santa Barbara, California, USA.

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