The difference between CNC machine tools and traditional machine tools

1. Highly flexible Machining parts on cnc machine tools mainly depends on the processing program, which is different from ordinary machine tools. Manufacturing, replacing many molds and fixtures, does not need to re-adjust the machine tool frequently. Therefore, the cnc machine tool is suitable for the occasions where the processed parts are frequently replaced, that […]

Laser cutting machine processing metal

A major advantage of fiber laser Cutting Machine small in the metal processing industry is its unparalleled flexibility. It can process metal parts of different shapes and sizes without molds. The fiber laser cutting mini machine can incorporate any creative ideas. Quickly processed into finished products.A random graffiti painting on the “Illustration Animal Book” more than […]

Thermal evolution

Thermal evolution Two years ago, a team of HP was faced with the challenge of getting more airflow out of a duct used to cool the print-heads of an upcoming inkjet printer. Without efficient cooling to keep the ink flowing at the right temperature the printer cannot operate at full speed. Simulations showed the traditional […]

Foundry sales set for 23% increase

It is worth noting that the strong growth rate in 2017 was primarily due to Samsung re-classifying its System LSI internal transfers as foundry sales, rather than strong organic market growth. Total foundry sales this year are forecast to surpass the $100-billion mark for the first time and continue increasing at a strong 11.6% average […]

NEC NL8060BC31-20

#NL8060BC31-20 NEC NL8060BC31-20 New NEC 12.1inch Panel 800×600 400:1 262K CCFL TTL , NL8060BC31-20 pictures, NL8060BC31-20 price, #NL8060BC31-20 supplier ——————————————————————- Email: [email protected] [email protected] ——————————————————————- Panel Brand : NEC Panel Model : NL8060BC31-20 Panel Type : a-Si TFT-LCD , Panel  Panel Size : 12.1 inch Resolution : 800(RGB)×600 , SVGA  Display Mode : A-SFT, Normally […]

Mitsubishi CM10MD-12H

#CM10MD-12H Mitsubishi CM10MD-12H New CIB Module Three Phase converter Three Phase Inverter Brake 10 Amperes/1200 Volt, CM10MD-12H pictures, CM10MD-12H price, #CM10MD-12H supplier ——————————————————————- Email: [email protected] [email protected] ——————————————————————- CM10MD-12H Description: Powerex CIB Modules are designed for use in switching applications. Each module consists of a three phase diode converter section, a three phase IGBT inverter […]

New US chip lobbying group

New US chip lobbying group Chip buyers and manufacturers are joining together to form a new lobbying group to put pressure of the Biden Administration to press for chip manufacturing subsidies. The Semiconductors in America Coalition includes Apple, Intel, Alphabet, Microsoft and Amazon Web Services, and has asked US lawmakers to provide funding for the […]

How to machine inconel 718?

Description Of Inconel 718 Inconel 718 is a precipitation hardening nickel-chromium alloy containing a large amount of iron, niobium and molybdenum, and a relatively small amount of aluminum and titanium. Inconel 718 maintains high strength and good ductility at temperatures up to 1300 ° F (704 ° C). Compared with other precipitation hardening nickel alloys, […]

Arduino Portenta Machine Control eyes Industry 4.0

For example, it could enable the collection of real-time data from the factory floor and remotely control equipment, maybe from the cloud, if necessary. Arduino also says that enables a range of predictive maintenance and AI use cases. It can be programmed using the Arduino framework or other embedded development platforms. It’s priced at €279, […]

Sharp LM8V33

#LM8V33 Sharp LM8V33 New Sharp 7.7 inch LCM 640×480 70 35:1 Color CCFL Parallel Data, LM8V33 pictures, LM8V33 price, #LM8V33 supplier ——————————————————————- Email: [email protected] [email protected] ——————————————————————- Brand Sharp Model LM8V33   Diagonal Size 7.7 inch Type CSTN-LCD , LCM  Pixel Format 640(RGB)×480  [VGA]  103PPI Configuration RGB Vertical Stripe Active Area 157.42(H)×118.06(V) mm Outline Dim. 195.8(H)×142.5(V) […]