Quick access to crystal resonators kits used in current cutting-edge designs

Raltron Electronics Corporation has launched its Crystal Resonator Engineering Design Kit to maximise ease of use throughout project design stages. The engineering design kit offers more than 60 combinations of frequencies, load capacitances and package sizes recommended for employment with many of the popular ICs on the market.

The crystal resonator design kit incorporates frequencies from 8MHz to 50MHz in ceramic package sizes from 5032 to 1210 and 32.768 kHz in 3215 to 1210 size packages. A printed card behind each sample pocket enables the user to connect to a special website giving the company’s part number, part description, full specs, environmental data, an RFQ form and a connection to distributors who hold the item in inventory. Users can also request further samples or parameter modifications to current kit items to achieve an optimum specification for a given design.