Safety matters needing attention when using CNC pipe bender

In order to avoid incidents and take precautions before they happen, this is an unchanging truth. But peace is always very important for everyone to remember in their hearts. So when we are operating the CNC pipe bender, we must pay attention to the following points.

  • One point: first check whether the dust removal device of the CNC pipe bender is intact, and it can work only after confessing that it is intact.
  • The second point: When the CNC pipe bender is rolling, no part of the human body should touch the transmission parts. The body should violate the cutting direction.
  • Three points: Before cutting, the CNC pipe bender must first adjust the saw blade, clamp the pipe that needs to be cut, and fix the baffle. After clamping, unclamping, forward and backward, etc. Try it to be able to work.
  • Four points: When changing tools and measuring pipes, you need to stop the device before proceeding.

Five points: You should not stand in the direction of the CNC pipe bender in and out of the material. The pipe bender should not be careless within any scope of use. Time must pay attention to your own safety and ensure the safety of others. It is increasingly necessary to strengthen mechanical handling and strictly follow some normal procedures to operate.

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