Smart home WiFi hardware product developer Mirui Technology receives 10 million yuan in A+ round of financing

Recently, it was learned that Mi Rui Technology, a developer of smart home WiFi hardware products, announced that it has completed a 10 million yuan A+ round of financing, led by Dingxiang Capital, followed by Gao Investment Group. It is understood that Mirui Technology will further increase the development of new smart home products.

At the beginning of 2018, Mirui Technology received Series A investment from Xianfeng Evergreen and Dingxiang Capital. In February 2017, Mirui Technology also received a 5 million angel round of financing through cross-border communication.

According to the information from Tianyan, Chengdu Mira Technology Co., Ltd. was established in December 2016, and the legal representative is Wang Yao. Tian Wei, the co-founder of Mirui Technology, graduated from the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, once worked at TP-LINK, and has nearly 6 years of experience as a product manager. General Manager Wang Yao graduated from Wuhan University in 2007 and worked at TP-LINK for 9 years. He has been in charge of European countries, European regions and overseas sales teams. He has worked in Europe for more than seven years.

Mirui Technology is a smart home product developer, focusing on the R&D and design of smart home security and energy-saving products. Its main products include smart sockets, smart bulbs, smart power strips, smart light strips, smart buttons, smart temperature control and Smart switches, etc.

Up to now, Minorui Technology has nearly 30 products, covering sockets, smart switches, light bulbs, thermostats, etc., mainly for markets in the Americas, Europe, Japan and Australia.

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