SMT electronic fixture processing What is a tin furnace fixture?

SMT electronic fixture processing What is a tin furnace fixture

SMT electronic fixture processing technology has a tin furnace fixture in several common fixtures. This is a relatively new type of SMT electronic fixture processing PCB fixture product. It can be used on the solder surface of the plug-in material with SMD components. We often call it “wave soldering jigs, reflow soldering jigs”. There are also people called “pallets, carriers, fixtures, sets of plates.”

The commonly used materials for soldering furnace fixtures in SMT electronic fixture processing are:
1. Domestic or imported glass fiber materials;
2. Aluminum alloy;
3.Titanium alloy;
4. Stainless steel material;
5. Synthetic stone, made of carbon fiber board (synthetic stone). High temperature resistance to 350 degrees without deformation, low heat conduction, low expansion, and sucks furnace oil;
6. Marble slab (add carbon fiber material, the main component of marble), etc.
SMT electronic fixture processing

The role of tin furnace fixtures in SMT electronic fixture processing:
1. Save manpower and improve efficiency.
2. Simplify the production process and improve product quality.
3. Reduce the deformation caused by the tin furnace.
4. Good dimensional stability.
5. It has a wide range of applications, which can be used for automatic assembly of electronic components/manual insertion/solder paste screen printing/SMT surface mounting/infrared reflow soldering and online testing.