Solid state batteries for EVs are a decade away

Solid state batteries for EVs are a decade away

As yet there is no clear winner in solid-state battery technology regarding the electrolyte type, cell design, and manufacturing process with multiple technology approaches available in the industry.

EV makers remain the key driving force for solid-state batteries. Many Asian battery manufacturers and automotive OEM s such as Samsung SDI, CATL, LG Energy, Toyota, and Hyundai have made large-scale investments in developing the technology.

Based on the roadmaps of EV makers, technology achievements and supply chain collaborations as of Q1/2021, Yole expects that commercial introduction of solid-state batteries will start in 2025, with mass production of solid-state-battery-equipped vehicles starting around 2030.

Solid-state battery demand will represent less than 2.5 GWh in 2027, a tiny volume compared to total Li-ion battery demand in 2027. Thus, no high-volume “switch” from conventional Li-ion to solid-state battery is expected. More than 99% of solid-state battery demand will be for EVs.

Partners with know-how in ceramic material and ceramic-based devices, and with experience in lithium-metal anode and electrode / electrolyte interfaces, may be needed to shorten the time needed to bring the solid-state battery to market.