Solve the problem that iron filings are always wrapped around the workpiece

Solve the problem that iron filings are always wrapped around the workpiece

How many troubles have you experienced with these filings? If you are in the middle, it means that you are unfamiliar with the processed workpiece. This method will seriously cause your inefficiency. If someone else has processed 100 pieces, you may have processed 90 pieces!
Solve the problem that iron filings are always wrapped around the workpiece

Industrial filings problem

A.Due to chip winding, the workpiece cannot be loaded or unloaded

B.At the end of machining, the filings must be removed

C.Filings winding, discharge port blockage

D.Filings winding, short tool life

Flings breaking method

1. Increase the flings thickness after feeding, which is good for flings breaking
2. The radius of the corner of the tool tip becomes smaller, and the thickness of the filings increases, which is good for filings breaking.
3. reduce the front corner
Filings compression ratio = hc / h
The larger the value of the compression ratio, the easier it is to break the chip. But at the same time, the resistance of the cutting is also increased.
The compression ratio is related to the linear velocity Vc. When Vc decreases, the compression ratio increases, so reducing the linear velocity is also conducive to chip breaking.
The rake angle is reduced, the chip deformation is large, the compression ratio is increased, and the filings breaking is facilitated.
4.using a sharp edge processing form
5.increase the main declination, the main declination becomes larger, the filings becomes thicker, which is conducive to chip breaking
6.protruding filings breaker / promote chip breaking
From the protrusion of the filings breaker, the surface of the filings is dented, the thickness of the filings is increased, the filings thickness is increased, the contact area with the filings is small, and the blade is smoothly contacted, and the filings is smoothly discharged. Small damage
7.the filings‘s curl radius becomes smaller

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