Sony expands its vision for Camera Remote SDK

Sony expands its vision for Camera Remote SDK

Aimed at applications involving photogrammetry, speed cameras and mapping systems, the updated SDK now allows up to 20 cameras to be synchronised, via USB or Ethernet connectivity for greater distances.

As well as the Sony Alpha 1 camera, the SDK also allows the small, lightweight RX0 II camera (above) to be used and fully automated. The development kit was initially for the Alpha 7R mark IV and the Alpha 9 mark II.

In summary, the Camera Remote SDK allows users to control Sony’s cameras remotely from a computer, from changing the camera settings, to remote shutter release and live view monitoring. It means developers can design bespoke applications for size-critical drone and speed camera systems, for example, as well as other medical, education, government, and e-commerce functions.

Sony expands its vision for Camera Remote SDK

A Wingtra drone for mapping is pictured above.

“Since the launch of the SDK in February 2020, demand has been fantastic and we have engaged with new B2B partners across the globe to develop some incredibly interesting applications that take full advantage of the advanced capabilities of cameras such as the Alpha 7S III and Alpha 7R IV”, said Yasuo Baba, Director Digital Imaging, Sony Europe B.V.

“Improving the connectivity options for wired multi-camera solutions is crucial for applications in areas such as E-commerce and 3D scanning and we will continue to evolve our offering to best support the needs of our customers.”

Sony expands its vision for Camera Remote SDKAs well as support for Windows 8.1/10, ARM Linux and macOS, version 1.04 of the SDK introduces support for x86 Linux.

Full details on the Camera Remote SDK, including case studies, can be found on the Sony website.

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