Strategy Analytics: Video doorbell in one quarter of smart homes

According to the latest research released by Strategy Analytics’ latest research report “Smart Home Survey – Video Doorbell”, the tout of video doorbell is real, because in just a few years, video doorbell has rapidly entered the United States, the United Kingdom, Consumer markets in Germany and France.

According to the Strategy Analytics report, video doorbells remain the fourth most popular device in the smart home market, even though they have been on the market for a much shorter period than smart thermostats, surveillance cameras and smart light bulbs. Similar to surveillance cameras, video doorbells have found their way into millions of smart homes despite consumer concerns about privacy and hacking, suggesting that for many consumers, the benefits outweigh any potential risks. As expected by Strategy Analytics, among the four countries surveyed, video doorbells have the highest penetration rate in the U.S., arguably the most mature market. The UK is next, followed by France and Germany.

In the four countries covered in the Strategy Analytics survey, Ring was the most frequently mentioned brand by consumers overall, nearly 50% higher than the second most frequently mentioned brand, Nest. The No. 3 SkyBell brand may not be as well known as Ring or Nest, however, SkyBell has strong relationships with interactive security companies including and its thousands of security resellers. While Ring and Nest easily garnered higher consumer attention (the two brands were mentioned on average by 60% combined), other brands were also scattered across the UK, Germany and France markets.

Jack Narcotta, Senior Industry Analyst, Strategy Analytics’ Smart Home Strategies Advisory Service, said: “Not only are Ring and Nest the best-known video doorbell brands, but they have also greatly influenced how video doorbells are sold – establishing price points, determining key Where to sell, and an overview of the installation process. Parent companies Amazon and Google offer seemingly limitless sales and marketing resources, allowing Ring and Nest to establish leadership in nearly every country.”

Bill Ablondi, Director of Strategy Analytics’ Smart Home Strategies Advisory Service, added: “Video doorbells are emerging as mass-market smart home devices for good reason – they’re getting cheaper and easier to install, and beyond that, Like its surveillance cameras, consumers are motivated to buy video doorbells because of how these devices provide a sense of security and peace of mind. As the feature gap across brands will close in the next few years, while technical specs will still matter, not to the same extent lower than in the past.”

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