Talking about the development trend of modern automobile spraying technology

For a long time, the spraying technology requirements for automobiles are the highest, so the automotive spraying technology represents the world’s highest level of spraying technology. As early as the 1980s, the spraying level of China’s automobile maintenance industry was still quite backward; until the early 1980s, the German Sata Spraying Technology Co., Ltd. (SATAFarbspritztechnikGmbH&Co.KG) was established at In 1907), it was the first to introduce two German Sata topcoat spray guns (SATAjetB and SATAjetH) into the Chinese market. It has a history of more than 20 years. Because its SATA spray gun is far superior to other similar products in the world in terms of spray quality and spray effect, SATAjetB (traditional pot top paint spray gun) and SATAjetH (traditional bottom pot top paint spray gun) Paint spray guns have been generally favored by Chinese painters.

1. The mainstream spray guns on the Chinese market: traditional topcoat spray guns with high-pressure atomization technology (SATAjetB, SATAjetH)

SATAjetB (traditional pot top paint spray gun) and SATAjetH (traditional bottom pot top paint spray gun), the best spraying air pressure is 4 bar (about 4kg/cm2), (subject to the air inlet pressure of the gun tail), the coating at the hood The atomization pressure is about 3 bar. These two topcoat spray guns use high-pressure atomization technology, and the paint is uniformly atomized by high-pressure compressed air sprayed from the air atomization hole on the hood. When the paint (paint) is sprayed on the workpiece to be sprayed, it will be affected by the high-pressure atomization airflow, and part of the paint mist will rebound. ) Is about 45%, which is common to all traditional spray guns of the same type.

Since the 1990s, with the strengthening of environmental protection awareness and regulations, major international automobile companies have begun to adopt environmentally friendly coating materials to make the emissions of harmful volatile substances produced during the coating process meet environmental protection requirements. Therefore, Automotive coatings are gradually developing in the direction of high solids, water-based, and low VOC emissions. The European Union has also proposed a legal amendment to reduce the amount of volatile organic compounds (VOC) contained in automotive spray paints, metal decorative paints and varnishes by 50%. The VOC content per liter of water-based coatings is controlled below 50 grams, and the VOC content per liter of solvent-based coatings is controlled within 750 grams. In Europe, some experts also pointed out that VOC is the direct cause of photochemical smog, which has begun to cause serious problems in the European Union. Atmospheric pollution can cause pain in the throat and eyes, and difficulty breathing. In addition, the photosynthesis function of plants will be reduced in the natural environment, resulting in reduced crop yields.

2. New generation spray gun: environmentally friendly paint spray gun with high flow and low pressure (HVLP) atomization technology (SATAjet2000HVLP)

In order to comply with the new relevant environmental protection laws and regulations in Europe and the United States, the German Sata company developed a green environmental protection paint atomization technology in the early 1990s with high flow (air flow) and low pressure (hood atomization pressure). ) Spray gun, namely: HVLP (ie H high, V flow, L low, P pressure) atomization technology environmentally friendly paint spray gun. The spray guns of this atomization technology are divided into spray guns for various paints or coatings, such as top paint spray guns (SATAjet2000HVLP), primer spray guns (SATAKLCHVLP), automatic spray guns (SATALPjetK3HVLP) and color spot repairs Small repair spray gun (SATAminijet3HVLP), etc.

Environmental protection paint spray gun (SATAjet2000HVLP), suitable for products with higher coating film requirements, such as: silver paint, pearl paint, varnish and plain paint for cars; nano paint; designed for the unique properties of water-based paint There is a special nozzle set for water-based paint (WSB stainless steel nozzle with a diameter of 1.25 mm). The atomization method of the environmental protection paint spray gun (SATAjet2000HVLP) is different from the traditional spray gun. It does not only rely on the air pressure at the hood of the spray gun to atomize the paint, but cooperates with the air flow sprayed from the hood atomization hole (the spray pressure is 2.0 When the bar, the air consumption is 430 liters/min) to atomize the paint. When the spray air pressure is 2.0 bar, the atomization pressure of the hood does not exceed 0.7 bar. Because the atomization air pressure is significantly lower than that of the traditional spray gun, the rebound and loss of paint mist are reduced, and the transfer efficiency of the coating is higher than 65% (in line with European and American environmental protection Regulations), depending on the spraying method of the painter, the paint saving can reach about 10% 30%. Because the loss of solvent and paint is greatly reduced, it also plays the purpose of protecting the environment, and at the same time, it is good for the painter’s health. Also played a good guarantee. Use environmentally friendly paint spray gun (SATAjet2000HVLP) nozzle set with a diameter of 1.3 mm, when spraying silver paint and pearl paint in car top paint, it will not change the characteristics of the paint, such as the orderly arrangement of metal particles and pearls The illusion effect of particles and so on. If you need to increase the thickness of the paint film, such as spraying varnish and plain paint, you can choose a nozzle set with a diameter of 1.4 mm.

The structural design of the environmentally friendly paint spray gun (SATAjet2000HVLP) has obtained many design patents, such as: the stainless steel nozzle that can ensure uniform atomization air diversion adopts the air bypass technology design, and the CCS color discrimination module for easy gun management Device, QCC bayonet design that can quickly replace the gun pot (just a 1/4 turn) and a free-rotating air joint to prevent the air hose from being entangled.

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