Telehealth/medical solutions for developing markets

Available now from Mouser, Microchip Technology Telehealth/Medical Solutions meet the growing demand for medical IoT devices in the developing telehealth segment of the medical market. The company gives medical IoT device developers a wide range of products, demonstration design files, and experienced support to make their medical IoT designs smart, connected and secure.

Digital temperature measurement devices are seen in new and interesting places. For example, measuring temperature is now being combined into many consumer products like connected fitness and medical activity trackers. The Connected Thermometer Demonstration Board demonstrates a Bluetooth-connected digital thermometer using a PIC16F1519 MCU and RN42 Bluetooth module. The PIC16F1519 is a cost-effective XLP 8-bit MCU that provides an integrated capacitive touch sensing module.

The capability to measure heart rate and blood oxygen level is being added to consumer products. These measurements can be obtained utilising pulse oximeters designed for home medical use and by integrated wrist-worn fitness activity trackers.

Showing a real-world example of the IoMT and telehealth solutions, the company’s IoT Cloud Authenticated Pulse Oximeter board Displays the measurement, wireless connectivity and authentication of heart rate and blood oxygen data to the Google Cloud (or another provider).

Its connected, wearable ECG demonstration board can be employed in the design of advanced fitness tracking devices. It can also be built into medical wearable remote patient monitoring and diagnostic systems. This demo measures complex ECG heart rate, computes other heart-related data, tracks patient movement, and connects over Bluetooth to smartphones, tablets or PCs for IoT capability.

Its digital blood pressure meters typically measure both systolic and diastolic pressures by an oscillometric detection method, using a piezoelectric pressure sensor.