The European semiconductor industry joins hands to save itself: 17 countries reach an agreement

On December 9, according to foreign media reports, some EU countries (France, Germany, Spain, Italy, etc.) announced a plan to jointly improve Europe’s market position in the global semiconductor industry and reduce imports from the United States and Asia. rely.

Representatives from 17 EU countries signed a joint statement setting a common goal – to increase Europe’s influence in the semiconductor industry.

“New geopolitical, industry and technological realities are redefining the playing field,” the joint statement read. “In what has long been a global commerce backdrop, major market regions are strengthening their homegrown semiconductor ecosystems to avoid over-reliance on imports. “.

The statement also pointed out that in the 5G and future 6G competition, the semiconductor industry will become more important than ever. This highlights the gap between Europe and the United States.

As part of the agreement, the 17 countries will coordinate their own research resources, all targeting specific areas that are expected to achieve high growth. The ultimate aim is to “enhance Europe’s ability to design and ultimately manufacture the next generation of reliable, low-power chips that will be used in high-speed connectivity, autonomous vehicles, aerospace and defense, health and agri-food, artificial intelligence, data centers, integrated photonics science, supercomputing and quantum computing”.

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