The Specific Process Of Carbon Fiber Tube Molding

Carbon fiber is an excellent material with many advantages, including high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, high strength, high toughness, stable chemical properties, etc. Carbon fiber boards, carbon fiber tubes, carbon fiber rods, carbon fiber cloth etc. are used in construction, aerospace, automobile manufacturing, medical equipment and other fields have a wide range of applications. The forming process of carbon fiber tube mainly includes extrusion and winding. Today I will tell you the specific steps of the winding process.1. Preparation of raw materials. Prepare the raw materials for making carbon fiber tubes.2. The inner lining is formed. Clean the steel core mold first, wrap the polyester thin mold release agent on the surface, and then wrap the carbon fiber and coat the resin according to the design requirements.3. Winding reinforcement layer. There are several ways to achieve winding reinforcement. Single spiral winding with a winding angle of 54.750 can be used, or a combined winding molding method can be used to combine low spiral angle and hoop winding.4. Demoulding. The product can be separated from the mold by hydraulic device.5. Pipeline connection. Some pipes need to be connected, and there are many connection methods, including socket bonding, flange connection, and threaded connection. Choose the connection method according to the actual situation.6. Product inspection. The last step is to inspect the product. Use the instrument to test the performance of the carbon fiber tube to see if it meets the customer’s requirements.In the past, the price of carbon fiber was too high, and it was only used in high-tech fields such as aerospace and military. With the improvement of economic level, it gradually entered our daily life. For example, carbon fiber tubes are made into daily necessities such as fishing rods, golf clubs, and brackets. I believe it will be more widely used in the future.

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