Ultrafine wires meet demand for wide range of industry sectors

Goodfellow has launched an exclusive range of ultrafine wires, including microwires of copper, nickel, platinum and more.

The full range has been launched to satisfy the demand for miniaturisation across a variety of industry sectors, can be employed in a wide range of applications, including biological sensors and medical devices, as well as smart devices, aerospace and aviation.

The new portfolio includes a mixture of different metal bases such as copper and nickel, several precious metals including gold, silver, and platinum, and alloys such as iron-based alloys. These products have a diameter less than 1μm and a continuous glass insulation coating created by a unique casting method.

Goodfellow global marketing manager, Joel Aleixo, comments: “Miniaturisation is a hot topic within almost any industry sector right now. Whether that’s aerospace and electronics or the medical engineering field. The continuous demand for components that are smaller, lighter, more precise and efficient has led to the development of several micromanufacturing processes and techniques – and thanks to the hard work of the technical team at Goodfellow, we are proud to introduce these wires.”

Goodfellow technical manager, Aphrodite Tomou, comments: “Here at Goodfellow, we’re well known for closely following these technological advancements, whilst keeping the pace of all these diversified and evolving research and industry trends.”

The glass insulation in this new range provides high electrical strength, a wide operating temperature range (from -100C to over 400C), chemical inertia, radiation and pressure resistance. These properties are paramount in emerging technologies.