What kind of encryption chip should be used for the security of T-Box and gateway

In the era of intelligent network connection, to ensure the information security of remote network nodes and information exchange units, it is necessary to choose a good encryption tool. Fudan Microelectronics has launched a variety of encryption tools to help you quickly realize an efficient and stable encryption scheme.

The “Heavy-duty Diesel Engine Pollutant Emission Limits and Testing Methods (China Phase 6) Standard” jointly issued by the Ministry of Ecology and Environmental Protection and the State Administration for Market Regulation has been implemented on 7/1/2019. The standard clearly states that the on-board terminal T-Box storage and the transmitted data should be encrypted, and an asymmetric encryption algorithm should be used. The national secret SM2 algorithm or the RSA algorithm can be used, and the private key needs to be strictly protected by hardware.

What kind of encryption chip should be used for the security of T-Box and gateway

In addition, the traditional in-vehicle network only undertakes the data exchange and information transmission inside the car, does not interact with the external network, and has a high safety factor. The security protection for the traditional in-vehicle network has not attracted everyone’s attention. However, with the advent of the era of intelligent networked cars, traditional in-vehicle networks will also connect the car’s T-box, gateways and ECUs. T-box, as a networked device for smart cars, has more external access points, and gateways serve as data. The security and confidentiality of the data transmission and information verification process of the interchange station is very important. Choosing a suitable encryption chip in the process of ensuring data security has become a hot topic of discussion.

In the OTA process, it is necessary to consider the data security of the server side, the vehicle side, and the vehicle and server side during the communication process. Identity authentication is added to each endpoint, and the communication between the car and the cloud is encrypted to prevent data from being tampered with during the communication process, so as to ensure security.

What kind of encryption chip should be used for the security of T-Box and gateway


In response to this, Fudan Microelectronics designed FMCOS SE security module based on FM1280 security chip, FMCOS SE security module, using ARM 32-bit security CPU, supporting Java. The FMCOS SE security module can realize functions such as symmetric and asymmetric encryption and decryption operations, secure storage, and identity authentication. Can help customers to design encryption functions faster.

What kind of encryption chip should be used for the security of T-Box and gateway



1. Communication protocol

l ISO/IEC 7816 contact interface

l SPI interface

l I2C interface

l GPIO interface

2. Security Algorithm

l Symmetric algorithms: TDES, AES, SM4

l Asymmetric algorithms: RSA, SM2, ECC

l HASH algorithm (SHA-1, SHA-224, SHA-256, SM3)

3. Memory

l User data space: no less than 8KB

l The number of erasing and writing is 100,000 times

l Data storage for 25 years (55℃)

4. Security Features

l True random number generator, the random number meets the national secret random number test standard, and meets the NIST random number test standard

l Various safety sensors: voltage, frequency, temperature, light

l Memory data encryption, address scrambling

l Metal shielding layer

l SPA/DPA/DMEA/DFA protection

l Safe layout

5. Package form

l DFN12, SOP8, SOP16

The in-vehicle Ethernet gateway solution provided by ZLG uses NXP’s MPC5748G microcontroller as the controller and works with NXP’s SJA1105 Ethernet switch chip to form a gateway control module. At the same time, the gateway controller also provides a wealth of traditional in-vehicle network interfaces. The gateway module can Easily realize the management of the traditional in-vehicle network, and the communication module can be used as the remote information control unit to connect the gateway and the cloud to realize functions such as data management, remote control, and air upgrade.

What kind of encryption chip should be used for the security of T-Box and gateway

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