What Should Be Paid Attention To When Opening The Mold Of Silicone Rubber Products

Mold opening is an important link in the production of silica gel products, because the quality of silicone products mold opening determines whether the products can meet the requirements of customers and whether they can meet the mass production of customers. What should the manufacturer pay attention to when opening the mold?

  1.  Confirm product sample drawing

    1. Whether the material, material thickness and proportion are complete, and whether the dimensions and notes are correct.

    2. Whether the view is reasonable and complete, and whether there are repeated wrong labels.

    3. Whether the size of the product is consistent with the 3D drawing, and whether there is any interference and unreasonable place in the dimension between the views.


  2. With or without special process of silicone rubber production

    1. It is necessary to confirm whether special materials are to be used and special treatment should be carried out.

    2. Is burring required

    3. If there are other requirements, they must be highlighted.

    4. If it is necessary to sprout, then we must confirm the function of the sprouting hole and ensure which size.

    5. Make sure that the structure must be suitable without interference.

    6. If there is a sharp corner, we can clean the corner to ensure the mass production of the mold.

    7. Whether the product has strict requirements on appearance.

    8. If the product is to be cut in half, what problems should be guaranteed

    9. If the continuous die is to be opened, it is necessary to determine whether there is a position with material points, and if not, how to do it.

    10. When the product is formed and unfolded, can the small inner R angle be cleaned.

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