Wide portfolio of the latest connectivity solutions

Mouser distributes solutions from TE Connectivity globally. With over 69,000 of its products, the company provides an ever-growing range of the newest interconnect, passive, and sensor solutions, continually adding new products.

A few of the popular products available are the MS5839-02BA, an ultra-compact, chlorine-resistant digital pressure and temperature sensor that facilitates operation in harsh environments while producing accurate and reliable digital measurements. The 3.3mm x 3.3mm x 2.75mm sensor is perfect for applications including fitness trackers, shallow diving computers, swim watches, underwater vehicles, and diving equipment.

The AMPMODU 2mm connector system headers and receptacles occupy 38% less space than conventional 2.54mm centreline products. The headers and receptacles are intended for usage in applications including industrial controls, PLC, servo drives, and material handling, where space constraints are of special concern.

Hybrid and Electric Mobility Solutions AMP+ high-current connector and header kits offer low-cost, conveniently packaged solutions for low-quantity and prototype builds for eMobility applications. These kits provide one part number to order for all the exact components and a datasheet that gives easy access for future ordering.

Finally, the IPX8 waterproof USB Type-C onboard receptacle helps protect devices in harsh environments with industry-leading IPX8 ingress-resistance. The rating allows the connector to keep a reliable connection at a water depth of 1.5m for a minimum of 30 minutes. Waterproof USB Type-C connectors can be employed for wearables, appliances, smartphones, medical devices and automotive infotainment.