Wireless power charging technology is integrated into pen solutions

Renesas Electronics Corporation has announced that its wireless power charging technology is integrated into the Active ES pen solutions from Wacom. The single-chip wireless power receiver IC provides a small size and high efficiency compared to alternative high-frequency charging solutions. The wireless charging technology is small enough to fit into a digital pen and conveniently charge it while wirelessly docked to the tablet.

Incorporating low-frequency wireless charging into the pens opens new possibilities. This novel and innovative concept carries the convenience of wireless charging to accessories, allowing users to creatively express themselves on smartphones and tablets.

“Renesas is proud to expand our work with a proven leader such as Wacom to help bring leading-edge wireless charging solutions to the digital pen market,” said Amit Bavisi, vice president and general manager of Renesas’ Wireless Power Group, Mobility Infrastructure and IoT Power Business Division. “We continue to be the innovation leader in wireless charging, working with customers around the world to bring the convenience of wireless charging to a variety of platforms.”

“Our customers are always looking for streamlined solutions for charging their digital pens, and Renesas provided us with the much-needed support to deliver a premier solution for our consumers with the small size and power efficiency we needed,” said Sayatake Komine, EVP and head of Wacom’s Technology Solution Business Unit.